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What are you Thankful for today, right now, this moment?

  So I look up and I see the clock is at 1:11 and before that this morning when I looked it was 11:11. What’s that mean?

I have decided that I when I see these numbers, I will stop, no matter what I’m doing and sit with the intention of getting in touch with what I am grateful for. Today it was in this order. The first thing I am so thankful for is my darling husband and partner of nearly 25 years.What a fabulous journey we have been on and continue to look forward as we enjoy the simple everyday rituals of our life together. We start each day being greeted by some of the most loving creature on this great earth, Benny the kisser and the boy named TSU who never ceases to delight and amuse. Last but certainly not least is Rygel. Rygel is 11 months old and is the smartest, most well behaved, LOVING, handsome Dobie, I have ever known. A spirit of friendliness that is contagious, just ask anyone at our local dog park who is the most loved dog, by humans and canines both! Rygel wins hands down! Guess I Am the most fortunate for I am surrounded by  all this amazing #LOVE.

When I think about how very fortunate I am , I wonder “Why Me?” what did I do to deserve all this good stuff ? The only thing I can contribute my good fortune to is…. being grateful for what I have. Showing appreciation and letting those I love know that I truly do value and appreciate them. It is easy with the animals, they know, they feel your energy and know they are loved and cared for by the way to take care of them, the way you touch them, the way you speak to them. All of those speak for your love, come to think of it, it”s not that different with people! It IS the way you show your love by doing things , preparing food to nourish, speaking kind words of appreciation and gratitude. A gentle touch sometimes speaks more of your love than any words could ever express. So Yes, it is all there to be spoken, to be felt, to be expressed. There must be someone , right now, who longs to hear from you. What are waiting for? Get up, make the call, hug your loved ones, tell everyone you love just HOW MUCH YOU LOVE THEM. This is a PUBLIC Service Announcement on How To Be Loved, Be that Love first.