What Am I Focused On?

photo(1)Every morning when I awaken, I smile. First because I’m still here and second because I want to start my day by focusing on what I am grateful for. The main reason I have begun this practice is because if I can begin the day in gratitude then I am in a better position, no matter what obstacle I come across to approach it it with a calm perspective. I am learning to be patient. I use things that use to make me want to pull my hair out, ( not literally) to practice being patient.

Traffic is a good one. Someone is taking forever to make that turn, I use that to slow down.

There are so many things we let ourselves become upset over, think about it. Think about the way you feel when you get agitated and angry. It’s not pretty and that’s just on the outside, inside it is wreaking havoc in every cell in your being, not to mention restricting blood vessels, slowing oxygen to the brain, upsetting your stomach.There is no stress, but there are stressful thoughts.We always have the ability to think a thought that feels better if we can just remember to come back to this moment and be present. Sounds simpler than it is but I promise you , like anything else it does get easier the more you practice.

So how are we doing on that “Mindfulness Thing?’ anyway. Who is paying attention? Are you tapped in, tuned in, turned on?

And , if not, why is that? Who can ask and answer this honestly? Cause honestly, it is the only way we seem to learn, as a species, there are some real hard core stubborn folks. Come on, you know who you are, always got a wise crack or rebuttal ready, especially with yourself, right?! So here”s my question, “how is that working for you?” are you learning the lessons?I’m finding that focus on solutions always trumps worrying about “what ifs” and it”s a hell of a lot more fun. FYI , having and the experience of having fun keeps us young and alive! That “Energy” we feel when we are happy and in the moments of joy are actually pumping us up inside, on a cellular level. Yes, I said that. Think, no feel it the next time you are in the delight of joy, stop and take it in, like a loving deep meaningful breath, take it in like a long lost precious memory, just take it in and be aware of how you FEEL. That’s it , that’s the FEELING you want to reach for, again,and again,and never, ever, stop. #ThinkFunny #Love #LIVE #LIFE #ITSSHOWTIMEFOLKS #Lightenup #Fun


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