Cacao contains the highest concentration of antioxidants of any food in the world. Antioxidants protect us from age related health conditions and illnesses.

Cacao seems to be the number one source of magnesium one of the great alkaline minerals. Magnesium supports the heart, increases brainpower, causes  strong peri-stalsis ( bowel movements) , relaxes menstrual cramps, increases flexibility , helps build strong bones and increases alkalinity .


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Antioxidants protect us from age- relatedhealth conditions and illnesses. They shield our DNA from free -radical damage.High antioxidant superfoods like cacao, as a general rule, potentiate the superherbs such as medicinal mushrooms (reishi, chagra, shiitake, etc) astragalus , pau d” arco, cats claw, and others. WE will go into the superherbs at a later date.

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