Who I Am

Heart Exspansion



For as long ago as I can remember I have always had a passion for learning .

I love to read and read and read.
Books are knowledge and I am a  seek knowledge.

Over time, my interest and spirit diverged into an insatiable search for truth,tools to navigate life and fin happinesson the way.

I love to paint, write, sing and seek the innate happiness that life has to offer. As a creator of my own life, I have taken responsibility to nurture both my body and soul.
I love to discover new recipes and philosophies to feed life and limb.

I have been a devotee of Good NRG all my life.

From an abundance of joy within and around my life, I feel the need, nay the responsibility, to share this joy with the rest of the world, or at least those who would hear.

Good NRG is my own personal way to give back, to share with you a life time of learning. Tools to empower. Methods to nourish daily habits that will enable you to find your own power. to connect and build a foundation for an enriched and deeply satisfying life.

Along the way I have been blessed with guidance from those who believe in an ever expanding universe of bliss. Thanks be to Abraham, Leo Busgaglia, Jon Smedley, The Dalai Lama, Pema Chodron, Louise L. Hay, Douglas, my beloved son, Rumi,Thich Nhat Hanh,Tom Shadyac , Daisaku Ikeda,
and last but not least my loving husband Ian Sebastian.

I am eternally grateful for the guidance, the light , the wisdom they have shared with me.

My website is the culmination, synthesis and convergence of everything I believe. It is and always will be a work in progress. I hope that you will be part of it. You are always welcome here.


Cynthia Sebastian

E-mail: Cynthia@GoodNRG.com
Phone: (800) 555-1234

All Paintings done by Cynthia Sebastian Gold