Tools to help Calm You anywhere, anytime.

One of the MOST powerful Mantras for me lately has been “Everything is always working out for me” I write this on paper, backwards, then I place it in front of a mirror or on my dash board so it “Reflects” back to me. Take a deep breath in, ( cont to 6 slowly( now release even slower, counting to 8, hold, and release.
Do this 7 times really focusing on the OUT breath….. after you do this notice how calm and relaxed you FEEL. If, for any reason you STILL do not feel calm and relaxed, repeat. This is calming your Parasympathetic nervous system, the flight or fight part of the brain that was utilized back in the day when we were out in the elements, forging for food, attacked by whatever, it served it”s purpose.
Today it still runs, ( mostly unconsciously and releases Cortisol and Adrenaline which creates stress and weight gain. Who can relate?

Your Life is a Gift, Be Present.

Cynthia-SebastianLife happens in the small moments inbetween. Quit waiting to be happy when it is always dependent on finding the “FEELING” of the happiness before it”s happened. For when you REALize that YOU are always creating, consciously or unconsciously that’s when life really starts to be fun!

Be Happy, no matter what is going on because it is in your happiness that you will find real purpose and meaning. Besides there is not anything that we want to possess, to be, to go or to have that  is because you think in the having,being or doing that you’ll feel better. Find good feeling thoughts and be in the spirit of appreciation, gratitude and love. They are the highest vibrations on this planet and will always return to you in like. Play with this and feel for yourself the power of being. BE ING.

Good Energy

Good Energy

When you “Know” that Everything is happening for a reason, you start to look at problems as an opportunity. You begin to be aware that the universe IS always bringing back to you exactly what you are vibrating out. It is the Law. Think Good thoughts.
Be KIND Be PRESENT. Be Happy first, act as though what you want is already here.
Gather the good moments, stay in the awareness of gratitude, of love and watch the world change. When you change your thoughts, you now have the best opportunity to draw more of what you desire to you. Have more fun, laugh and enjoy your life.


How Do You Feel, right now?


We have an amazing “GUIDANCE system that is always telling us how we are doing.

By simply stopping and taking a moment you can affect how you feel. So let’s say when you woke up this morning that the first thing you notice is … what? Resistance, fear, anxiety over what needs to be done, any of those kinds of things, right?! Ok, here is the Practice, “SMILE” first and start flooding your self with words that soothe, “I’m happy, I always find a way to get it done. It will work out, it usually does. I am a talented person, I have great friends who love me. I am always learning to do better. Keep making statements that “Empower” use words that give life not deplete. Get up and start your day by taking care of your physical body, drink some water with lemon to get the system moving. Go outside and spend 15- 30 to 60 mins moving your body. Take in deep breaths and exhale long and slow, ( this is great for relieving stress) Keep smiling, ever notice how when you are friendly and smiling that people smile back, the day is better and you have successfully filled your day with the following..

  1. A day that You MADE great.
  2. Better choices of what to eat.
  3. More energy
  4. A body that FEELS alive
  5. More connected to others
  6. More compassionate with myself
  7. A sense of empowerment , that I can CHOOSE how I feel.
  8. Gratitude for all the blessings I have. You”ll be amazed at how being grateful can enrich your life.
  9. If you have not already done a daily list of what your thankful for, start today or any time when your feeling stuck.
  10. Call someone and tell them how you feel about them, how much they mean to you, how much you love them.
  11. Go look in the mirror, ( right now) and tell yourself that you LOVE you. How hard this is or how easy this is will tell you everything you want to know to get started. Your worth it!!

What are you Thankful for today, right now, this moment?

  So I look up and I see the clock is at 1:11 and before that this morning when I looked it was 11:11. What’s that mean?

I have decided that I when I see these numbers, I will stop, no matter what I’m doing and sit with the intention of getting in touch with what I am grateful for. Today it was in this order. The first thing I am so thankful for is my darling husband and partner of nearly 25 years.What a fabulous journey we have been on and continue to look forward as we enjoy the simple everyday rituals of our life together. We start each day being greeted by some of the most loving creature on this great earth, Benny the kisser and the boy named TSU who never ceases to delight and amuse. Last but certainly not least is Rygel. Rygel is 11 months old and is the smartest, most well behaved, LOVING, handsome Dobie, I have ever known. A spirit of friendliness that is contagious, just ask anyone at our local dog park who is the most loved dog, by humans and canines both! Rygel wins hands down! Guess I Am the most fortunate for I am surrounded by  all this amazing #LOVE.

When I think about how very fortunate I am , I wonder “Why Me?” what did I do to deserve all this good stuff ? The only thing I can contribute my good fortune to is…. being grateful for what I have. Showing appreciation and letting those I love know that I truly do value and appreciate them. It is easy with the animals, they know, they feel your energy and know they are loved and cared for by the way to take care of them, the way you touch them, the way you speak to them. All of those speak for your love, come to think of it, it”s not that different with people! It IS the way you show your love by doing things , preparing food to nourish, speaking kind words of appreciation and gratitude. A gentle touch sometimes speaks more of your love than any words could ever express. So Yes, it is all there to be spoken, to be felt, to be expressed. There must be someone , right now, who longs to hear from you. What are waiting for? Get up, make the call, hug your loved ones, tell everyone you love just HOW MUCH YOU LOVE THEM. This is a PUBLIC Service Announcement on How To Be Loved, Be that Love first.